(17week) Chobe National Park


I went to Chobe National Park using a continuous holiday in July.


It will take about 11 – 12 hours from Gaborone to Kasane, so we left early this morning around 6 o’clock.

2016-07-16 14.19.31

Drive all the way. Thank you for driving!

2016-07-16 16.06.02

I saw a giraffe when I approached Chobe.

2016-07-16 16.53.49

We walked around Chobe River.

2016-07-16 17.14.41

We arrived at the Chobe Safari Lodge along the river in Kasane. Although it is an exclusive lodge, staying cheaply for a tent night.

2016-07-16 18.02.52

The warthog is looking into the pipe. When I looked inside, there was another warthog in.

2016-07-16 20.54.40

Three backpackers traveling in Africa were putting a tent nearby. So we did braai together!

2016-07-16 23.03.23

Next is a camper which is okay if a carnivorous beast comes.


2016-07-17 07.10.17

We joined the game drive in the morning.

2016-07-17 08.21.13

Buffalo discovery.

2016-07-17 08.58.50

We saw Giraffe nearby.

2016-07-17 09.07.21

Elephants too.

2016-07-17 10.11.53

There were warthogs around the backpacker ‘s tent. When backpackers came back, it was discovered that food was caught. They were locked, but they seemed to be broken.

2016-07-17 10.23.29

Baboon has been aiming for food several times. I threw twigs and drove them away.

2016-07-17 11.22.21

We arrived at a park where traditional culture can learn.

2016-07-17 11.34.01

Several traditional houses were exhibited.

2016-07-17 13.52.35

Lunch at the lodge.

2016-07-17 15.22.51

We saw the elephants on the water with a boat safari.

2016-07-17 15.26.09


2016-07-17 16.03.37

Crocodile is sunbathing.

2016-07-17 16.12.19

Crocodile seems to have caught an impala.

2016-07-17 17.11.32

Some elephants are crossing the river. The carnivorous beast is not on the other side, so the other side is safe.

2016-07-17 17.17.07

A lot of cruisers gathered to see the elephant crossing the river.


2016-07-18 09.03.10

We participate in one day safari. A lot of Impala.

2016-07-18 09.25.25

A lot of Buffalo.

2016-07-18 09.51.40

There was a lion’s baby, but I could not take photos well. It seems that the memory is full and I missed the opportunity.

2016-07-18 11.36.07

When drinking water, it seems to be a bit tough.


2016-07-19 11.40.15

The number of items is a few…

2016-07-19 16.51.54

Botswana specialty “Two lanes on one side” (Where is the opposite lane?)