about African Business Education for Youth Initiative Community “KAKEHASHI AFRICA”

I participated in “African Business Platform – Navigating More Japanese Business to Africa by Young Advanced-Professional Africans” of “TICAD7 Official Side Events”.

*TICAD7: 7th African Development Conference
So this week, many Africans are gathering on Yokohama City in Japan.

“KAKEHASHI AFRICA” is an African community (Professional Business Platform) that has obtained a Master’s degree in Japan using the ABE Initiative (African Business Education Initiative for the Youth).

“KAKEHASHI” means a bridge that connects Japan and Africa.

Africans who have got the Master’s degree in Japan are important for Japanese companies to absorb the business culture barrier between Japan and Africa.

CEO(South African) explained about the Professional Business Platform “KAKEHASHI AFRICA”.

“KAKEHASHI AFRICA” will support Japanese companies entering Africa.

Stay in Japan for more than 2 years, get Master’s degree and experience internship at a Japanese company.

It is very big for Japanese companies to understand Japanese culture and to understand Japanese common sense!

They don’t want to lose the network they gained in Japan, and they want to be strong until they can be used practically.

It seems that the magazine was launched through “KAKEHASHI AFRICA”.

・Panel Discussion
People from Kenya and Côte d’Ivoire have returned to their home countries, and people from Egypt, Morocco and Cameroon are working in west Japan.

Côte d’Ivoire(official language is French) man said the problem was that the business was delayed several years compared to English speaking.

So I have heard that excellent French-speaking people start their business in other English-speaking countries such as Nigeria, not in their own country.

A Moroccan woman told me that come on a trip anyway. Maybe what you imagine is different from what you see.

Cameroon man stressed “Not far!” (For Japanese who feel psychologically far rather than physical distance).

・Panel Discussion
When we go to an African government, they request a lot of applications. However, even if we submit all, it is no response.. She complained that there was not enough transparency to do business.

A professor at Hosei Business School (responsible for the ABE initiative?) emphasized “Easy maney, easy go!”. In response to the question “What’s important?”, ABE Initiative graduates answered “Education!”. I was a little touched because they changed the future with education.

There were people who had already got a master’s degree and came from their own country, or attended graduate schools in various parts of Japan.

They have returned to their home countries or live in Japan after got a master’s degree.